Kitchen ingredient ginger is very useful in our daily life, there are a lots of benefit including for brain and body. It contains pale yellow color with zesty taste. By dynamic compounds in ginger consist of terpenoids, zingerone, paradol, shogaol, gingerol, 1-dehydro-(10)-gingerdione and flavonoids all these ingredients play role in anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant effects 1.

However this is also good in the treatment of anti-tumor, pain reliever and liver protection 2. It commonly uses in gastrointestinal and degenerative problem. In nutrition it offers a variety of minerals and vitamins with all these amazing properties and have delicious flavor. Little piece is enough to add in food because it has very strong flavor 3.

It is easily available in the market and the powder is also exist.

We can use this as a home remedy, some most effective are following.




With strong properties it can be very helpful in to reduce pain from body. Intake 2 grams of it daily will help to reduce muscular pain. If pain arises from exercise or running, it takes at least 5 days to show result 4. Don’t worry about the side effects because there is no any side effect of it. It is surely strong but not harmful for digestion 5.




Morning sickness is most common especially during pregnancy. After some surgery nausea arises but with the use of ginger you will free from any type of sickness 6. This is very beneficial for all adults, kids and pregnant women.

According to study 1.1 – 1.5 gram of ginger intake will helpful in reduction of sensation which can be cause of nausea in pregnancy 7.

Make sure before taking any large amount consult with your doctor because it can be cause of miscarriage but there is no such study to prove this yet.




Good news for diabetic patients, ginger with anti-diabetic powerful properties can control the level of blood sugar especially low blood sugar problem.

According to study if second type diabetic patient take 2 gram of powder daily, it can reduce 12% fasting blood sugar level. This is natural way with no side effects. Daily intake will definitely help to control blood sugar level 8.




Stomach ache general problem also occurs by overeating or poor digestion system. Ginger with high nutrition helps to calm down the stomach pain and make your stomach empty through passing flush 9. Also good for bowl movement, it will not effect on gallbladder movement 10.

According to study 1.2 grams powder of this before taking a meal will help in fast clearing of the stomach by 50%.




High cholesterol is very dangerous and it can increase the risk of heart attack. High cholesterol level occurs from oily food and baked items, on LDL level the diet you take can have a solid effect. According to study only 3 grams of ginger powder can help in reduction of more cholesterol in our body 11.




It also prevents from infection because it has very strong components which can fight with any infection. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory are most powerful assets. Especially gum infection or soreness which arises from our mouth bacteria but if you will take fresh ginger or powder in your daily routine it will prevent you in suffering such infection 12.


You can buy fresh ginger in the market easily or powder also available, try to add this in your daily diet because it has a lot of properties. It will definitely give you benefit but don’t forget to use within limits. Because it has a very strong actives that is why more intake of this can be harmful for your health as well. Better to consult your doctor first if you are going to try any new thing.