Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
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Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder.

Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

According to “Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance” (DBSA) there are nearly 5.7 million adults, 2.6 % age of 18 and above in U.S population affects by bipolar disorder. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). It affects women and men both equally 1.




Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar illness concern with mental health this is also known as manic depression.

There are 4 basic bipolar types and all of them consist with these signs unusual shifting of moods at same time, activity level and energy like in extremely ‘UP’ range you will feel more energized and active this is called manic or hypomanic period while in ‘DOWN’ range you will be more up sad, lack of energy and hopeless this is called depressive period.



Following are the signs of manic period and depressive period 2.


  • Increase in level of activity
  • Feeling very elated or high
  • Wired or jumpy feelings
  • More energized and active than usual
  • Taking fast about several things
  • Be too much touchy and agitated
  • Want to do lots of things at once
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Do risky things


  • Feeling down, hopeless and sad
  • Lack of energy level
  • Too much sleeping or very little sleep
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Eat to less or too much
  • Forget things
  • Can’t enjoy any thing
  • Low activity level
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Thoughts of suicide and death

Above symptoms may transpire individual and at same time in other words mixed features in this manic episode and depressive episode signs mix together.


If you have a symptom of bipolar disorder then don’t panic just visit to your doctor or physiatrist and take advice. Do not waste your time just take care of yourself because if bipolar disorder rises then it can be harmful for your mental and physical health. If you are taking any medication don’t skip eat properly 3.


You don’t need to be worried because you can control bipolar disorder with following therapies and techniques. But also consult with doctor time to time and inform him about your health and progress 4.


Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar DisorderSleep is most important because we work all day then our mind and body both needs to take rest. But a bipolar patient faces difficulty while sleeping. According to Hoepner, one-third of bipolar disorder patients have insomnia (sleeping trouble, stay up during sleep then cannot sleep back) while 25% people sleep to much at night or taking long.

You have to wake up early even you can’t but think about all day activities, first do exercise this is most important and also good for sleep because when you will tired then you can sleep early at night, take shower before going to bed this is also good to take proper and good sleep 5.


Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar DisorderConnect with people is best therapy in mental health it will help to divert your mind. Meet those people who are agonizing in any danger disease as compare to yours. Feel their mental state and emotions you will definitely sense motivated and blessed.

Make friends and relationships to share your feeling, go and hangout with them, do whatever you want and do which will make you happy 6.


Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar DisorderIn bipolar disorder you be necessary to consult with your doctor because his advice and medicine is most vital to save your life from this disease. Take complete course of therapy by good psychiatric, visit at least once in a month or two it will feel you relax and satisfied. Always ask your doctor about medicines effect and your progress 7.


Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar DisorderThis can happens at any age even in young age. First and most important thing is to accept your illness. If you discovered above symptoms in you, don’t ignore this because it can grow. Think you are not alone there are so many other people having this disorder.

Love, motivate and give more care to yourself 8.

Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
Best Mental Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Note: Don’t take any medicine without your doctor’s permission. Be happy, eat healthy and do exercise. You can do everything even control yourself.

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