what is the best place to sell used camera equipment

Best Places to Sell Used Camera Equipment

what is the best place to sell used camera equipment
Image by Johannes Plenio – Pexels

If you love photography then of course you will have a camera to turn your love into passion. And when you purchase your first camera to learn photography, most of the time you don’t have any friends or can’t wait to get suggestions or watching video tutorials or guides, from where you can learn how to buy the best camera for your photography passion. Or sometimes you don’t have a lot of money to buy a good quality camera. So you decide and buy a camera for your passion.

And you purchase a camera which you think is the best for your needs. And yes that is best at that time when you are a beginner. But with the passage of time you learn many things by using that camera and gradually you move to the improvement and get many skills to capture the great shots of your activities, beautiful places or any landscapes of your friends etc.

But with the passage of time when you get skills, your camera didn’t suit your skills and you need to sell that camera so that you could purchase a professional camera that is no best for your skills and you have a lot of knowledge of how you can buy a best camera for your professional skills of photography.

In this article I will share some good places where you can sell your used camera equipment to buy the new one.

1 Facebook Groups

Yes it is true you can use Facebook groups to sell your old cameras. Think when you was a beginner and don’t have money to buy a new professional costly camera. Then you decided to buy the camera which you have now. Like that may be someone will not be able to even purchase that cheap camera which you bought at the time when you were a beginner. And maybe he/she will be a member of that Facebook group. When you post an add to that group that your camera is for sale at a specific price. That person who is seeking a good used camera will find you and will definitely buy your camera if you have a reasonable price and have a good condition of that camera.

So if you have a used camera and want to sell that. You must go and look for some Facebook groups where camera equipment is bought and sold. You will definitely get a good bid for your camera equipment.

2 Find person Around you

It is also a good thing for you to find a needy person around you who is interested to buy a camera. 

Let say you were studying or doing a course of photography by joining a specific department in your college or any other institute. 

When you joined that class then you were a junior but now you learned a lot and that’s why you don’t need the old camera but the new professional one. So you must find out those people who recently took admissions to that course or class. Because if they are attending that photography course they definitely will need the camera to start their practise of taking shots.

By this way your camera will be sold on a good price.

3 Ebay

Ebay is also a good platform for buying and selling used products like your camera. You can sell your product on Ebay by placing some good quality pictures of your camera equipment and writing some good description and qualities of your camera. So that people who are looking to buy a camera like yours could get interest and can think of buying your camera.

On Ebay the most focused thing is to place ads and pictures of your camera. Because if your pictures are not so attractive and good, no one will take interest in your equipment even if you set a very low price.

4 Craigslist

Craigslist is a good way to sell your camera. Here you can sell your camera locally not via shipping method. But please be careful when you meet with a person locally. And try to meet with someone in public places and also be careful with everything and first judge the person before starting any talk. Is he/she willing to buy or just came to your only time passing or any other reasons. This is a good way but risky a little bit if you don’t have any selling experience before this.

5 KEH.com

KEH.com is the best marketplace specially for your camera accessories to buy and sell. The process is simple:

  1. You will click on sell menu
  2. Then fill the form with asked fields related to products like “Product Name”, “condition” etc. 
  3. Then click on add to quote.
  4. Within a few time the company will contact you according to the given condition of your product.
  5. If your product worth to sell others then they will get your camera equipment and will send you check or if you want to buy another camera equipment then that payment will be added to that shopping

6 MBP.com

MBP.com is also the best marketplace to sell and buy used equipment. This is specially designed for used cameras. You can easily get customers to sell your products. Here you can not only sell cameras, while you can sell lenses and flashes too.

They also can accept the other accessories like filters and camera bags.

I also bought many accessories from this website and still working fine and will not decide to sell them again, because these are working fine.

That means you can get some trusted sellers and buyers here.

7 B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is one of my favorite markets where I usually do shopping. And yes here I have sold many old cameras and bought the new one from this website.

When you post something to sell you will get an instant quote for your accessories which you are going to sell like your old camera.

If you want to get a recently released camera or any other accessory so I believe that on “B&H Photo Video ” you can easily get that newly released equipment in used but good condition.  

8 Adorama

Like “B&H Photo Video”, Adorama is also a good place where you can get instant quotes for your accessories, which you want to sell. 

Let say the camera which you are trying to sell them does not fulfil the qualities which they have set as their standards. So they will pay the insurance and shipping fees to get back your equipment safely.

You can get paid as cash, store credit or direct deposit.

How to prepare your camera for sale?

what is the best place to sell used camera equipment
Image by Fujifilm North America – Pexels

If you decided to sell your camera, then you need to prepare your camera for sale.

First of all I suggest you clean your camera with the cleaning equipment so that if there is any dust on the camera that will be removed from that.

If you have set up copyrights for the image in image settings. You just need to remove your name from there.

The best way to do this is to reset all the settings of your camera. If you cannot find these settings then you can find any video tutorials on youtube or search good informative articles on the google related to your camera Model.

One thing that most people forget when they sell their cameras is to accidently keep their memory card in the camera. Be careful and remove your memory card from the camera first.

Don’t keep battery into the camera especially when you are shipping as a courier. Use the company’s guideline for keeping batteries separate and packing that in a secure and safe way. Because batteries can fire and could blast due to short circuit.

Tips to Avoid Scams When Selling Your Used Gears

what is the best place to sell used camera equipment
Image by Pixabay – Pexels
  • If you are selling locally you need to get the payment first and then you need to give the equipment. And be sure the place should be publically not in any private place. And if you care about selling the camera or any gear online use some trusted payment methods like Paypal. If someone asks to pay on another platform than that which you listed in your description of the selling gear. Don’t use that platform unless you believe that it is a trusted and reputed platform. If you are selling any camera online, please use reputed companies. Never even try new companies which don’t have any good profile.
  • Whenever you ship your gear to a customer. I suggest you use a signature delivery. With this way the customer cannot refuse that he/she didn’t receive the delivery and cannot ask for a refund. And also a plus is that you use shipping insurance when you are delivering a quality and costly product.
  • If you are using an online selling method to sell your gear. Make sure you have got full payment before handing over the equipment to the customer. If you are using any online website then verify that you have received complete payment and transferred into your account. Otherwise the customer can cancel it.
  • Make sure you should see the red flags. That means if someone is trying to pay you the  more amount that your equipment is worth. It is a big red flag and you must avoid it instead of being greedy to get more. Also please check the shipping address or payment address of the same country where the user lives. Sometimes mostly online companies don’t record the shipping or payment addresses. 
  • The best and last tip is to never meet the customer at your home. Always try to meet the buyer in public places. Meet the customer in public places where a lot of people are or it will be good if you are meeting with a buyer in a police station garden or any other place where security guards are available. It will keep you safe and also your equipment too. But meeting the buyer at your home could be the biggest risk in your life.

Finishing up your sale

Selling your old camera can be beneficial to getting the new camera because it could help you to get some more funds to buy the new one. If you don’t want to use any lense or equipment anymore you must sell it before it gets damaged or expires.

Once you have sold the equipment or item you must leave a review for your customer according to your experience. So that other people could know how the buyer was. It will help the people to sell things to that buyer in the online market based on the review which you left.