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Natural Home Remedies for Relief Dry Cough


Dry CoughCoughing is most common, even it consider good while speaking because it clears your throat. Cough occurs at any age. Mostly this is temporary so it stops naturally but sometimes it stay for a long term. Coughing is like a reaction which clear your air route of mucus and irritant.

There are two types of cough.

  1. First type is productive cough it produce mucus or phlegm which clear it from lungs.
  2. Second type is nonproductive which is known as dry cough, it does not produce mucus or phlegm.

There is no specific cause because so many things which can be cause of dry cough such as acid reflux and allergies.

Dry cough is most irritated and makes you uncomfortable even distract you during speaking and then you plea yourself to take a sip of water.


Dry Cough

Usually sickness and physical weakness reason of dry cough, you can also face following signs.

Make sure if you have blood in cough then without wasting a minute go to hospital because it can be very harmful for you.

  • Throat nagging itch
  • Unproductive sound of cough
  • Mucus nonappearance
  • Disturbance while sleeping
  • No congestion and wheezing


So many causes which is helpful in leading of dry cough in which some are following.

  • Dry CoughLunges problem
  • Asthma
  • Whooping cough
  • Heart disease
  • Tuberculosis (Tb)
  • Cancer

Other causes are:

  • Stress or nervousness
  • Physiological condition
  • Medicine side affect


You can control your cough if you take proper care of your throat. But if you have already get dry cough then try following remedies, there is no side effect of any natural tip but still if you have any serious condition then consult with your doctor immediately.


Honey is natural sweet which is helpful in various health condition. It has antioxidant active. Honey makes saliva which is very important in dry cough because throat needs lubrication. Not only this even it can helpful in boosting immune system and also fight with inflammation.


  • Dry CoughMix raw honey, pomegranate and ginger juice. All ingredient in equal quantity.
  • Take one teaspoon of this solution 3 times daily.
  • Another way is add 1 tablespoon of honey into warm water and drink 2 times daily.
  • You can also add honey in any herbal tea.


Gargling with warm water and salt is very old and traditional method to relief dry cough even also for throat infection such as tonsils. As we all know warm water is most suggested especially in cough and flu. Salt also consist antibacterial property and these ingredient grouping give great effect to relief of dry cough.


  • Dry CoughYou just need to take a cup of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of salt.
  • Start gargling about 10 minutes
  • Do this 2 to 3 times in a day on daily basis. The best timing of gargling is before going to sleep.


Turmeric is another remedy for dry cough. This is very common and easily available in raw and powder form. Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory power by which it can control your dry cough. Try to add turmeric in your daily diet.


  • Dry CoughMix half teaspoon of turmeric powder into one teaspoon of honey.
  • Consume 3 times daily.
  • Alternatively add turmeric powder into water and boil for few minutes then strain and add some honey and lemon.


Licorice has anti-inflammatory assets which is best to reduce the irritation from throat, it works as demulcent and expectorant that is why this is very beneficial for calm the airways by which mucus relaxing the facilitate dry cough.


  • Dry CoughTake 2 tablespoon of licorice root then add water.
  • Boil for 10 minutes, strain and drink twice a day.
  • Second option is add little honey into half teaspoon of licorice powder and take it 2 times in a day.

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