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Stunning Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

Stunning Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

gain weight
gain weight

Weight loss is the first priority for young generation especially for girls, but there are also so many people whose consideration is gain weight.

“Smartness is good but thinness is not! Everybody wants attractive figure.”

Sudden thinness can be reason of any disorder. Also, some people naturally thin from their childhood or skinny from their family history.

Gaining weight doesn’t meant that you have to be obese. No! You just need to gain some muscles weight. Skinny people should be thankful because their struggle depends on their eating habit. But healthy food always recommended either weight loss or gain.

How you know that you are underweight?

If your body mass index (BMI) is below 18.5 then the body mass evaluates to be less for carrying ideal health.

gain weight

In U.S there are 2.4% women of age 20 years and above are underweighted while only 1% of men are underweight.

Even according to study which taken from NCBI that underweight problem can be cause of early death. 100% risk of early death in women and 140% risk in men. Also, obese people have ‘only’ 50% greater risk of early death. However, underweight can be worse for your health.

Causes and risk factors of underweight

There are so many reasons behind your underweight, even reasons are sometimes too serious. If you are suffered in any health disease you may lost some weight. Such as in high fever and diarrhea but you will gain back your weight after recovery this is temporary weight loss. Although following are some serious conditions which makes you underweight.

CHRONIC DISEASEgain weight: when appetite of person decreases in such disease like cancer, digestive condition, diabetes, thyroid disorder and ulcerative colitis.


gain weightMENTAL HEALTH ISSUE: mental illness can causes of being underweight such as anxiety, depression, stress.

gain weight

GENETIC: maybe you have skinny body just like your parents or family.

gain weight
gain weight

LACK OF EATING HABIT: some people have no interest in eating even they can spend their whole day without eating a single meal. That is the big cause of thinness especially in kids. Less intake of nourishment.

Risk factors which be happens in underweight problem

How to gain weight naturally

Natural tips by which you can gain healthy weight.


gain weight
gain weight

Shakes and smoothies are delicious and energetic drinks. With the addition of milk or yogurt will make your drink healthy and with lots of powerful properties. There are so many fruits and nuts such as banana, berries and mango. And there are so many recipes available on internet such as for protein shake, dates shake and nuts shake.

Recipe: Take milk or yogurt then add honey and also add any above ingredient then grinned, drink shake on daily basis in the morning.


gain weight
gain weight

Peanut butter is filled with fats and proteins, healthy and yummy meal which you can take at any time or especially in breakfast or even as a snack. Peanut butter contains vitamins, folic acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and magnesium.

Take slice of bread and apply the thick layer of peanut butter and enjoy it.


gain weightMost beneficial fruit avocado which will helps you in gaining healthy weight. Just half avocado consists of 140 calories, with vitamin E and other minerals and vitamins are available in avocado.

You can use this in salad or spread on toast as well.


gain weight
gain weight

Ghee is very common especially in Asian countries. Butter also contains calories and fat, by which it will increase your weight and also give you energy. You can take bread and use butter or ghee on it then eat with tea or milk. Make sure always use in limit.


gain weight
gain weight

Also add following things in your diet.

  • Cheese
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Whole fat milk
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Red meat

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