home remedies for migraine

Home remedies for migraine and headache treatment at home

Home remedies for migraine and headache treatment at home

In the whole world millions of people face headaches. And all they use medicines to get rid of headaches. If we calculate the cost of these medicines this goes into billions of dollars.

Many things could cause headaches like office work deadlines, discussion to anyone, traffic jams and even good things also causes your headache.

But did you know mostly headache is temporary and you can get rid of it or you can lower it by using some simple things?

Here I am describing some traditional things, by using them you can get rid of this headache.

Use foods full of magnesium

Migraine patients should use magnesium minerals and make the part of the food. Because lake of magnesium mostly causes migraine. Bananas, chocolate, fish and vegetables are full of magnesium.

Use Vitamin B2

In a medical research this was found that use of 400mg vitamin B could reduce Migraine apparently. Good news is that Almonds, Fish, Cheese and multiple fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin B.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is the best thing to get rid of migraine. Which reduces swelling of those veins which supply blood to our head and reduces migraine. Put three pieces of Ginger into two cups of water and leave it for 30 minutes. And then make it like a tea and use it.


According to an American research caffeine which is found in coffee reduces swelling of blood veins, which causes the lower migraine.

In this research Volunteers were divided into two groups. One group was given caffeine and 2nd was given migraine relief pills. The results showed that caffeine totally relieved the migraine.

Warm or cold strategy

To get rid of migraine due to stress, soak a cloth in cold water then remove it and wrap it. Then put it on the back of your forehead or neck so that your hard muscles could rest.

This method is also effective in half head pain but instead of using cold water use warm water.


Massage Between your eyes or the start of your forehead. And move your finger like a clock tip for 2 to 3 minutes. You will get rid of migraine. 

Soak your feet in water

Flow of blood in the bottom side of the body lowers the pressure of head veins. And obviously the bottom part of the body is feet. In case of reducing migraine intensity, soak your feet in Lukewarm water mixed with mustard powder in a small tub. And do this for 30 minutes, after that put out your feets from the tub and dry with a cloth.


Wrapping any skarf, cloth or bandage around your forehead lowers the flow of blood and positive effects on swelling veins. By doing this for some time you will get relief from migraine.


In a research it was found that the people who are suffering from migraine if they do yoga with the medicines they get relieve quiqly. In that research found that any type of exercise is beneficial but if you prefer yoga in migraine, that will be more beneficial than other exercises.

Lavender Smell

Lavender is not only good for sleep but it also is a great home remedy for migraine. In a research it was found that the patients who were suffering from migraine were given a chance to smell the lavender the migraine was 71 percent lower in those patients.

Drink Water

Dehydration makes migraine worse, It means drinking water is a great way to reduce migraine. In a research it was found that the people who suffer from migraine, if they start drinking 1.5 liters water daily. They should rarely face migraine.

Reasons of migraine

After describing the home remedies to get relief in migraine we should also know the reasons for migraine. So that we could be safe instead of taking medicines after suffering from migraine.

Here are some reasons which cause the migraine:

Suffering from Stress

If you are suffering from migraine, you should think for some time about what is going on in your life. How stressed are you? Are you hiding yourself instead of facing the stress? Controlling stress could relieve your migraine.


If you are facing any kind of headache but you should take a look at your routines. One important thing that you should see is the amount of water you drink daily. Because dehydration could cause migraine. The experts are unable to tell the actual reason but they believe that the decrease of blood supply rate in the body, due to the oxygen couldn’t be supplied correctly to the brain.

Deficiency of blood

Too much deficiency of blood in the body could cause migraine. If this is due to lack of iron in the body. So you should fulfill this by making a routine of eating iron rich foods.

Suffering from serious illness

Sometimes headache is due to diabetes, tissue Inflammation or any other reason. If you are suffering from a serious headache, you should contact your doctor to know the reason.

Disturbance of body schedule

When you wake up in the morning and suffer from a headache. This could cause the disturbance of your body schedule that shows a sign of headache. Waking up too early or late could cause your body schedule. That causes lower stress but headache takes place instead.

Brain tumor

Brain tumor is a killing disease but it does not mostly happen in people. But if you are suffering from a headache for months so this could be a danger sign. If you never suffered like that before or it is going badly day by day. You should contact your doctor.

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