How to Control Gas Problem during your Precious Pregnancy

How to Control Gas Problem during your Precious Pregnancy

The journey of becoming a mother is very beautiful, every women who is pregnant wants a healthy baby but important thing is to take care of yourself because when you are healthy then you can birth a healthy baby, there are so many difficulties that a pregnant women face. The first trimester of pregnancy is little bit tougher because various symptoms arise. Each women has different signs some most common indications are nausea, morning sickness, frequent urination, mood swings, food aversion and tenderness of breast but the most uncomfortable and embarrass situation is gastric, this is most common and disturbing problem during pregnancy, every women wants to handle this gastric problem without taking any medicine.

Reasons of Gastric Problem in Pregnancy:

The gastric problem happens due to increases in progesterone hormone, during pregnancy your digestive system slow down because growing of your uterus. A women will produce more progesterone hormones to balance the pregnancy. Your prenatal vitamins especially your iron drug that become cause of constipation and lead your gases. The other reason of gas problem happens due to eating habit, some unhealthy foods create gastric problem as well.

There are so many home-based therapies which can control your gas problem, first you have to maintain your diet, good food good health. The gas problem occurs because women wants to eat everything in pregnancy and this is very natural, even unhealthy or junk food just because of craving of food.

Remedies That Can Handle Your Gastric Problem:

Today we are going to tell our moms the top five safe home remedies of gastric problem that will make your pregnancy more comfortable. Do not use any medicine without taking your doctor advise try to relief naturally.

Try to drink fluids

In gastric problem fluids is best way to relax your abdomen because gas can be causes of your abdominal pain and bloating. Most common and natural fluid is water it can help you to prevent constipation, minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water is most important, your body needs more water in pregnancy. You can also take other fluids like juices: grapes, orange, apple juice most common and considerable. Chamomile tea is one of the most popular tea to relief gases in pregnancy.

Stay Active

Active body not underwent in any health problem, keep moving your body and try to do exercise if you can’t then complete your walk at least 30 minutes daily. It helps you to prevent constipation, acidity and make your digestive system good and fast.

Cow pose Yoga

Yoga is best way to maintain your health. For pregnant women yoga is very important but there are some poses that pregnant women can do, the cow pose is one of the most common and easy pose of yoga and also beneficial in pregnancy. In gastric problem, cow pose very helpful to relief your gas and bloating as well furthermore this pose is harmless in pregnancy. If you want to do complete yoga then you must consult your doctor.

Take Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber is one of the most powerful source to prevent gastric problem, it occurs due to constipation and fiber helps you to relief your constipation and make your stool soften. There are lots of foods that contains fiber such as bananas, figs, vegetables and oats which also contains fiber. Take at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber in your daily diet. Ask your doctor as well to add some fiber supplement.

Control Your Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very dangerous especially in pregnancy. You have to be relaxed during pregnancy specially in first trimester. Anxiety also can be caused of nausea, gastric and bloating. Whenever you feel stress, take deep breath and keep your mind calm. Try to wear lose dresses that will make you feel comfortable. Busy yourself in daily routine and talk to someone if you feel anxiety. Do anything you want to do to stay peaceful.


There are so many home remedies for pregnant women but if you are not comfortable to do some remedy then just omit. Make sure to consult your doctor whenever you try something new. Do not take any medicine without doctors permission.