how to make your breath smell good
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How to make your breath smell good

How to make your breath smell good

how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

Most annoying situation when your friend stay back few steps just because of bad breath. This condition can cause to low your confidence. Bad breath is also known as halitosis in medical term.

Of course bad breath is not a medical emergency. Especially in the morning almost everyone faces unpleasant mouth smell. We should brushing teeth before sleep this is most essential for oral health but actually we don’t! However while sleeping the level of saliva decreases and mouth going to be dried. This dryness can be cause of odor and which produce bacteria.

There are so many causes which can led mouth odor such as, smoking, dry mouth, eat odorous food. In medical conditions include sinus disorder and gum disease.


First of all you have to be careful about your health include oral health. Following are some points which you have to avoid or take care after using that.

Foods that smell bad after eating

how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

After eating odorous food such as onion and garlic, we undergoes in halitosis because the smelly sulfur element in it after biting this compound engross in blood stream  and while breathe out it will ejected.

Coffee is also involved in it because it reduce the amount of saliva which make your mouth dry and leads bacteria.

More foods which leads to bad breath are dairy products, orange juice, soda and heavy meat. Always brush your teeth’s after taking these meals.

Not brushing teeth

how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

Brushing teeth daily before going to bed and after wake-up in the morning. According to research brushing time limit should be 2 minutes at least no 30 to 40 seconds. Keep clean your teeth and tongue sometimes small component of meal stuck in teeth which can create bacteria.

Reasons for bad breath

Medicines is also cause of bad breath because there are some medicines which makes your mouth dry and the chemical component in which will increase bad breath.

Other serious diseases in which halitosis happens are stomach acid reflux, metabolism disorder and any type of cancer. In these diseases immediately consult with your doctor.

Home remedies to get rid of bad breath

If you are suffering in halitosis, then don’t worry because we are giving you some most effective remedies by which you can fight with your bad breath.

Following are some most effective and beneficial tips for you.

Cinnamon for bad breath

how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

Cinnamon essential oil can control bad breath. Cinnamon stick and powder which contains Cinnamaldehyde who decreases the amount of mouth bacteria.


  • Cinnamon powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Bay leaves few
  • Cardamom few


Take water then add all the above ingredients and boil for few minutes, then strain and use this for mouth rinse. Use twice daily.

Is parsley good for bad breath?

how to make your breath smell goodIt consist of Chlorophyll and this component can help in to control bad breath problem.

Take few parsley springs and chew them, you can either use this by dipping into vinegar or then chew or another option is to make parsley juice and drink whenever you need. This is also good for digestion.

Fenugreek tea benefits

how to make your breath smell goodMost effected and effective tea is fenugreek tea. Natural and pure you just need to follow these steps.

Take fenugreek seeds one teaspoon and add into water then boil for few minutes, after that strain.

Drink daily at once at least for good result.

How to eat fennel seeds for bad breath?

how to make your breath smell goodFennel seed are the most outstanding mouth freshener with very strong and good in taste. Anti-bacterial properties can helpful in reduction of mouth smell and also fight with bacteria. It is also good to control nausea. Fennel seeds makes more saliva.

Just need to chew one teaspoon of fennel seeds at any time. Anyone can use this even kids also.

Another way is to drink fennel seeds tea for which you have to take two tea spoons of fennel seeds and add into 1 cup of water then boil for 10 minutes then strain and drink.

How to brush teeth with baking soda and mouth rinse for bad breath?

how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

Normally we use baking soda in baking items but this is also most useful for bad breath. Bicarbonate of soda with power to fight with bacteria.

Take half teaspoon of baking soda and add 1 cup of warm water in it then mix it well and use it for mouth rinse.

Brushing your teeth with baking soda which is also a good way to prevent bacteria. Use this until you get acceptable results.


  • When you are in hurry for your interview or any special occasion use mint mouth freshener spray for instant reduction of bad breath.
  • Another way is to use any mint chew gum because it makes saliva and saliva helps to prevent you from mouth smell.
  • Use Miswak Stick because it has antimicrobial property that will vanished mouth bacteria and also prevent you from bad breath. It can easily available in market.
how to make your breath smell good
how to make your breath smell good

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