suno chanda episode 3

Hum TV Drama Suno Chanda Episode 1

Hum TV Drama Suno Chanda Episode 1

Suno Chanda is a very good drama. I really enjoyed it by seeing the 1st episode. In the first episode the start was very good. The Ajiya brings the tea for her Bi Jaan and Bi Jaan was seeing the Ajiya’s marriage video movie. And she says “ویسے ایک بات میں کہوں گی ، تہمارے دا جی، اللہ انکو جنت بخشے ، دنیا سے جاتے جاتے بہت اچھا ایک کام کر گئے۔”. And Ajiya says “اللہ تو بخش دیں گے دا جی کو، لیکن یہ جو جاتے جاتے مجھے دا لگا کر گئے ہیں نہ، میں نہیں بخشوں گی ساری زندگی” ٓAnd then Bi jaan says come here and sit with me to watch your nikah video and Ajiya says “آپ ہی دیکھیں اپنے ڈاینوسار پوتے کو صبح صبح۔ میرا تو پورا دن ہی منہوس گزرے گا اسکی شکل دیکھ لی ہے صبح صبح۔” And then Bi Jaan calls the Ajiya to watch the wedding file but she makes a excuse that she is getting late from college. And then Bi Jaan asks, why haven’t you finished your exams yet? Then Ajiya says that next week my exams will be finished. Then Bi Jaan says when you will finish your exams then we shall do your wedding with Arsal.

And then funny moment Bi Jaan says that “جاتے جاتے وہ طوطوں کو دانہ ضرور ڈال دینا ارسل ناراض ہو گا ورنہ”. Then Ajiya asks Bi Jaan “بی جان ایک بات پوجھوں آپ سے؟ بی جان کہتی ہیں جی پوچھو بیٹا۔ یہ کیا ارسل کے سارے کام کرنا میری زمہ داری ہے؟” Then Bi Jaan smiles and says dear daughter now Arsal is your husband so it is your responsibility to do his work and take care of him.

And instead of feeding Parrots she opens the door of the cage and all the birds fly. And suddenly the little boy sees this moment and he tries to black mail the Ajiya. And after freeing the birds when she comes to the breakfast table she comes from stairs to the ground floor then she meet with Arsal and she says give me way then Arsal says Black cat cut off my way mom please give sadqa.

Then at the breakfast table Little boy black mails Ajiya and then Arsal goes to the roof to see his birds. Suddenly he cries and comes to the breakfast table to ask who freed my birds? Then he blames Ajiya that she freed his birds.

And then arsal says do you have any personal issues with my birds? And then Ajiya says something to Arsal and Arsal says did you ever see your face in the mirror? You look like the queen of Fox. The Ajiya angry and then one woman who is I think their maid, who says what happened to both of you?

And then one more lady I think that was Ajiya’s sister says that, respect him he will be your husband soon don’t talk like this to your husband. And then Ajiya says that, you can also tell him to respect me and then they fight together Ajiya and Arsal.

And then Arsal aunty calls to Bi Jaan when she hears that Arsal and Ajiya are getting married. Then Bi Jaan asks, “Who told you that they are getting married?” You heard wrong news about their marriage.

Then Arsal aunty says to Bi Jaan to swear of her Father that she isn’t lying. Then Bi Jaan says are you crazy you don’t trust me? Tell me who told you about this? I shall take a class of him/her.

Then Arsal aunty says ignore it, if my father was alive today I could ask him about this matter.

Then arsal was going to his room and he says that Ajiya’s clothes are on the Iron table. He put hot iron on Ajiya’s clothes so that they could burn due to iron heat. And on the other side Bi Jaan says to Arsal aunty relax everything is ok nothing happened. Then aunty says I trust you but my husband (whose name was Jalal) is not agreeing. Then she cuts the phone by excusing that your voice is not coming to me.

Then aunty’s husband says this was an excuse your mother’s thinking is not good. Then aunty says nature knows only God Jalal. You are misunderstanding. Then her husband says please be silent this is all due to you. You don’t have sanse to respect me in your family. Jalal says, “listen when your family will not say sorry to me, I shall not go to your family till then”.

Then aunty says if my father was alive he could then correct your thinking. Then Jalal says go from here go. And now pray to Allah.

When a little boy goes to school in the morning, Ajiya says to him give me my staller and says polish your shoes before going to school. Then when she sees her staller due to iron the staller burns. And had a hole in the staller due to iron. Then Ajiya says who did this? Then the little boy says that person whose birds you flew. And then she goes away. Then they  both go to Bi Jaan to complain about their nonsense.

Then Bi Jaan says, “Are you going to school?” When Ajiya watches, she gets late and asks Arsal to drop her to school. Then Arsal says it is not my responsibility to drop you. Then Bi Jaan says what happened to you Arsal? She is going to marry you and you are saying this?

Why do you fight every time like little babies? Then Arsal says if you marry little babies then they will fight. Then Bi Jaan says leave everything, she is your wife. And now go and drop her to school. Then Arsal says, “oh, wife it is like a music band that is in my neck”.

Then Arsal says I will not go to drop her to school like this. Look at her, she didn’t wear the scarf. Go to the room and wear the scarf then I shall go to drop you to school. Ajiya says look Bi Jaan. I don’t like how he ordered me. It looks like he purchased a servant for him.

Then Arsal goes on a bike to drop the Ajiya slowly. The Ajiya says please drive fast. I shall be late, my paper is near to start and I shall fail if I didn’t attend my paper.

Then Ajiya took a rickshaw to go to school and said I don’t know who this guy is. He is disturbing me a lot. Then Arsal says to go back to bike and they fight together.

And now you see the episode for further I have embedded the video above click play to watch the remaining part of the drama episode.

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