Maya Ali biography

Maya Ali Age, Biography, Height, Career & Facts

Maya Ali Age, Biography, Height, Career & Facts

Maya Ali biography

Maya Ali is one of the most successful actresses in Pakistan. Today I have written this article for your to describe the biography of a shining star Maya Ali. I have detailed information to share with you about Maya Ali biography. From Maya Ali age to education, Maya Ali weight and height.


Pakistan’s fashion industry is always blessed with talented people, actors, and actresses. Maya Ali is from one of these blessings. Maya Ali is full talent and skills in a single box who never draw boundaries around her and focus only on making money through movies and dramas, but she devoted herself for social work by making collaboration with well-known and international organizations like; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC). Within this she accomplishes various works such as Visiting different institutions, colleges, and universities. She campaigned against breast cancer awareness which too is the project of the same hospital.

Maya Ali early life

The actress “Maya Ali” belongs from the “City of Gardens”, Lahore and brought up in the same house town. The beauty and the culture of the City were deep-rooted in Maya Ali’s personality too. Unfortunately, the gorgeous and beautiful actress Maya Ali lost her father at the early stage of her life in November 2016. But she handles it well and doesn’t allow this event to take over on her. Maya Ali has a very beautiful family of 3 members, Her mother and 2 siblings- brother and sister.

Maya Ali age and date of birth

Moving on next to Maya Ali biography we have her age and date of birth. The talented and beautiful actress Maya Ali was born on 27 July 1988 in Lahore. Maya Ali, the stunning actress, is turning into 30 years in 2020. No wonder she Carries her age very well. The actress Maya Ali Has “Leo“ as her zodiac sign with Pakistani nationality, which is reflected in her physical appearance.

Maya Ali weight

Her body contains 50 kg of weight which he carried well with her attractive personality.

Maya Ali height

This beautiful and humble soul have a wonderful height of 5 feet and 7 inches ( 1.70 m )

Maya Ali weight and height

When it comes to weight and height, only one from the most blessed people in the industry, she is having a wonderful body shape with perfect height which is definitely a dream of every actress. The weight and height play a very important role in Maya Ali’s biography and important for her career as well.


The next element in Maya Ali’s biography is her education. The talented and hardworking actress got his education from her home town Lahore. Maya Ali did her master’s degree in mass communications from Queen Mary College, Lahore


The versatile and gorgeous Miley started her career as a video maneuver with famous news platforms of Pakistan such as Samaa TV, Waqt News, and Duniya News. She began her profession as an actress in 2012 Maya Ali’s earliest project was “Shanakht“ Which opens the road of success and opportunities for the actress Maya Ali’s career. After that she showed up in her next drama serial named as “Durr-e-Shehwar“; After this sheep features in new drama serial named as “Aik Nayee Cinderella“. Her next project was Aunn Zara, both of these projects were with her favorite co-star “Osman Khalid Butt“.

Few of her dramas were listed below

The drama series from this actress not only aired in her home country- Pakistan but also in some other countries. E.g.- UK, USA, and UAE.

Maya Ali biography took a huge high in the year 2018 when Maya Ali’s film “Teefa in Trouble“ came up along with Co-star “Ali Zafar“. Maya Ali performed for the first time on stage with Ali Zafar at 16th Lux Style Awards on 19th April 2017 the year 2018 at beauty biography when she became ambassador of Quetta Gladiators biography take a hit in 2019 with the movie ”Parey Hut Love“ along with the co-stars “Zara Noor Abbas“ and “Sheheryar Munawar“.

Maya Ali won the “best on-screen couple” for two times. First one with Osman Khalid Butt for the drama serial “Diyar-e-Dil” in 2016. The second one is for her outstanding film with Ali Zafar “Teefa in Trouble” in 2019.
When it’s come to modeling the Maya Ali proves herself lucky in this field too. The dazzling actress looks beyond beautiful at ramp entrances. Inspiring many ladies and young girls with her eye-catching dressing Maya Ali became show’s stopper for numerous designers while polishing her services. The extremely talented actress had a high preference of the designer “Nomi Ansari” and holding the title of his showstopper from many past years.

Facts you need to know about Maya Ali

  • The gorgeous and very talented Maya Ali’s real name was Maryam Tanveer .
  • The current time famous actress did journalism from the beginning.
  • Maya Ali was also a very good sportswoman in her school days and in her college days also.
  • Maya Ali has “Traveling” and “Book reading” as her hobbies.
  • She imported her best actress award for one of her famous drama series “Diyar-eDill” to “Sanam Jung”.
  • Have you ever noticed something different in Maya while promoting her movies – The actress made and a public appearance with her male or female co-star while promoting her projects especially “movies“. For example, This can be seen from the promotion of “Teefa in Trouble“ and also from the promotion of “Parey Hut Love” .
  • The actress rumored to be dated with her co-stars Osman Khalid Butt and Sheheryar Munawar.

While holding the title one of “Most Successful Pakistani Actresses“ Maya Ali doesn’t have any sort of attitude in her personality or nor she has any ego issues with her other female co-stars which make her personality different from the other actresses of the industry.

She was one of the most popular stars and most liked celebrity by the audience of Pakistan and appreciated from outside of the country too.

The reason for her high fan following or love among people is the way she treated her fans with respect and always appreciated her fan’s love for her but the most important thing is she deals with negative comments with respect too and doesn’t get angry at anyone.

The actress never Limited her profession or career to acting only but she started modeling as a career too. One reason for her popularity was elegant and decent dressing sense of humour as the actress never disappointed for the audience in making new trends or setting new Trends of fashion especially for the young generation of females. The hardworking actress Maya Ali gained 4.1 million followers on Instagram and successfully managed her position in the top 10 most “Influencers Actresses of Pakistan 2020” or “Most Following Activities on Instagram 2020”.

Unfortunately, the wonderful actress dirt her hands in a controversy in 2018 when Maya Ali posts a picture of her with a man called her “makeup” artist and the audience doesn’t take it positively. After getting a lot of harsh words and negative remarks from her fans and from others the wise actress deleted the image. The extraordinary actress taking her careers at top of the mountain very well.

We end this section by sending lots of love and appreciation to our very talented, gorgeous, and hardworking actress “Maya Ali ” she is very suitable for the title “Perfect Package” actress.

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