Medicinal Uses of Neem Leaves

Medicinal Uses of Neem Leaves

What is neem? The most popular and traditional herb which is used as a medicine to treat various diseases. This herb is known as “neem”. Neem leaf come from neem tree. Not only neem leaves, even neem flower, seeds, roots all these have their own and different benefits. This is also known as Azadirachta. It has different biologically active compounds which are about 130. You can say these neem leaves as magical leaves because it has great properties of anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and anti-viral these active can wound any skin infection and skin burn not only this even it can encourage your immune system and give you rapid healing. Neem leaves, neem oil both are very useful and beneficial.

Protect your hair from neem leaves. You can use neem in any form like neem powder, neem paste and neem oil because it has great healing active with lots of other properties.

Neem Oil Benefits for Hair

Neem oil is antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial and all these sources are great for hair treatment. Neem oil use as a main ingredient in many cosmetic products, this is rich in calcium, fatty acids, anti-oxidant, vitamin E, limonoids and triglycerides. Hair fall is most common problem and now days there are so many treatments are available but all treatments consist chemicals. Neem oil is natural way to control hair problem without any side effects. This oil save you from baldness and promotes your hair growth. It has different fatty acids like oleic, linoleic and stearic acids these acids nourish your rough and dry hair and scalp. Neem oil can prevent from head lice, dandruff, itching, hair graying and even it can treats any scalp infection.

Neem Leaves and Coconut Oil for Hair

There are so many benefits of neem leaves for hair but if you add oil in neem leaves it will give you more effective result (like coconut oil). The combination of neem leaves and coconut oil is great for hair health. Even neem oil and coconut oil is also good for hair problems.  As we know that coconut oil has a wonderful property of anti-bacterial by which it prevents you from “scalp viral infection” and also reduce protein loss. We are sharing great remedy for hair growth.

You just have to take following ingredients.

  • Neem oil (Half teaspoon)
  • Coconut oil (3 tablespoons)

Mix these two ingredients and apply on scalp and hair, leave for an hour or overnight then wash.

Neem leave can also use with aloe Vera, even neem leaves, aloe Vera and coconut oil is wonderful combination.

You can also use neem leaves in powder form, there are same neem powder benefits for hair. It will make your hair strong and thick and prevent you from hair loss, dandruff, head lice and other scalp infections. You just need to grind fresh neem leaves. If you want to make paste then soak neem leaves in warm water until it turns into soften and then chop by hand.

Neem Leaves for Hair Dandruff

According to research neem oil consist of active principal called nimbidin. Nimbidin is very helpful to treat scalp irritating, psoriasis, dermatitis and destroy inflammation. Dandruff is most common chronic scalp condition in which you may feel scalp itching and irritation. Don’t worry because dandruff is curable and there are so many remedies and natural ways to prevent from this, one of the best solutions is to hide in neem oil. We will give you the most easy and effective remedy in which you just need to take two ingredients neem leaves almost 40 and one liter of water. First boil the water till the flame and add neem leaves and leave it for whole night. Rinse your hair with neem water. This process will control your hair dandruff.

Neem Leaves for Lice Treatment

Hair are the most precious part and everybody should take care of their hair but some people are facing hair lice problem specially in children and school going kids. Hair lice can transfer easily from one head to another head that is why this is very important to clean your head because other person can be also affected from you. Some schools introduced no-nit policy according to this your child is not allowed if he has lice until all nit will removed but American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses deject no-nit policies . The common reason of head lice is poor hygiene of hair and dirty hair. Neem leaves is very helpful in this situation because it has anti-bacterial active, Azadirachta (insecticide) also contains in neem which safe your hair from lice’s. Simply apply neem paste (boil neem leaves almost 1 cup then blend and apply on full head and leave for almost two hours then rinse with warm water. On the other hand don’t share your comb, cap, helmet, head band, towel and other stuff if you have lice problem.

Neem Leaves Benefits for Skin

Everyone wants beautiful and clean skin but so many people have acne and dull skin problem and there is no outcome after using so many expensive creams. Don’t worry you can treat you skin problem naturally with neem leaves. This is most common herb even in so many goods neem use as a main element like shampoo, soap, face wash, hand wash etc. The cooling effect of neem is helpful to moisturize skin, soften your skin, acne pigmentation or scars even if you have minor wound then it can be treat by neem. For acne and pimples you can use neem leave water then spray on your face after every bath. You can also use neem leave water as skin toner, dip cotton ball in neem leave water then wipe your face. If you add turmeric with neem then it will give you more powerful results. Turmeric has also contained anti-bacterial and antioxidant property. Turmeric uses as a medicine in many health problems. By neem leave paste and turmeric you can cure any kind of skin infection. Take neem paste then add turmeric powder and apply on body. If you want good results then repeat same process for 3 months.

Medicinal Uses of Neem Leaves

Neem tree also known as Azadirachta indica. As we told there are so many properties of neem leave, this herb use as a medicine in different health issues because these leaves packed in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and so on, these entire active can be helpful to treat any disease. The problem which you may handle through neem leaves are any kind of skin and hair problem, neem capsule boost immunity, for dental and mouth problems, hemorrhoids, cough, asthma and gum disease use neem twig, leaf for wound healing effect and relief pain.

Not only neem leaf even whole neem tree is like a pharmacy. Neem tree bark use in fever, pain, malaria, intestinal and stomach ulcer.  The flower of neem tree can treat intestinal worms, decrease bile, and prevent from phlegm. The fruit is helpful in wounds, leprosy, eye disorder, bloody nose, urinary tract disorder even diabetes can also control by this.

Neem Leaves as Mosquito Repellent

Neem leaves also use for mosquitos, this is Insecticide. If you burn some neem leaves before sleeping. Their smoke/flames will fight with mosquitos and other insects. Another option is put neem cotton (which should soaked in neem) near room window or door. Both are very old and effective ways to kill mosquitos.

Neem Oil to Prevent Pregnancy

Pregnancy is most precious part of life but sometimes we are not able for some reason to take care of pregnancy, that is why we go for abortion there is complete process of abortion in all hospitals but you can abort naturally. Neem oil prevents pregnancy up to 100 %, used this oil as vaginal lubricant. Margosa oil has anti-implantation effect which leads to abortion that is why Margosa oil use vaginally and orally after intercourse.

Neem oil is natural and very beneficial for those want to avoid pregnancy but it can be very harmful for pregnant women and those trying to conceive so never use or inject neem oil without taking any consultation with doctor.

Applying Neem Oil on Belly Button

Acne is most common problem which can occur in any age, acne effect women beauty. If you are using different products for acne so just stop because every product consist different chemicals always try to treat any skin problem with naturally. Neem is very old herb which is great to maintain your skin glow, it has pungent and very strong aroma these element can treat skin inflammation and other skin condition. Applying neem oil on belly button is very effective in acne, it may sound weird but it’s true. Belly button link with internal organs, veins even with your face too. You just need to put some drops of neem oil on belly button but you have to be tolerant and you will get very good results, your face will shine and glow and all acne scars and spots will be gone. The most effective time is to apply before going to bed.