romantic whatsapp status video free download

romantic whatsapp status video free download

Romantic Whatsapp Status Video Free Download

Hi guys how are you? Hope you shall be fine. Do you use Whatsapp? Of Course you will use the whatsapp if you are a student, or even if you are a married person then you also use the Whatsapp. 

Today Whatsapp is a great application through which we can easily communicate with friends and family and even it is a great source of gathering. And to know friends and also a great choice to enjoy in your free time. You can easily contact your friends and also can share beautiful videos with your friends.

My Own experience to using whatsapp

I would like to share my own thoughts on using the Whatsapp application with you. Sometimes I got bored and tired by doing my work at the office. Then I decide to chill up with friends. So I opened Whatsapp and decided to chat with friends. So I start video/audio calling with my close friends. And even mostly I love to talk with my cute girlfriend. I love her a lot and I always talk with her at least one hour daily before going to bed. Because you already know love is a very beautiful thing in everyone’s life. 

And before saying her good night I send her beautiful love videos and pics to say her good night.

And when she sleeps then I call or chat to my close friends who care about me and I also care about them. I have 3 friends, one is Usman, Ahmad and Khizer. We enjoy a lot when we gather but they live too far from my home so we use Whatsapp together when we cannot gather physically. 

And we open the communication call and start chatting with each other. 

So friends what that means? That means by using Whatsapp love is spread everywhere especially for boyfriend and girlfriend. They can see each other whenever they want and even the husband wife when they are far from each other and cannot love each other. 

And those who cannot describe their love by their talk so they take benefits by those things which can describe their love to their girlfriend/boyfriend.

So what could be that thing through which they describe their feelings and emotions to their girlfriend/boyfriend? That could be some pictures or some part of lyrical videos that describes their current situations.

How Whatsapp helps to show love feelings?

This is a good question if you ask me. I would love to answer this question. I will say that we can describe our feelings and can show our love to others to whom we love, by sending them romantic short clips. And especially those lyrics which deeply describe our current feelings.

Let say I am feeling in love so what song will be in my mind?

“Aaj phir tum pe piyaar aya hai, Be Had or be shumaar aya hai”

Because I love this song and it perfectly describes my romantic emotions to my lovely girlfriend So I always listen to this song and send it to my loving girlfriend before going to bed.

So what will be yours? Please must describe in the comments below of this article.

So this is the one way to describe my feelings to my loving girlfriend. So what could be yours? 

It depends on your situation. Sometimes you are very frank with your girlfriend and you can easily talk to her and can say, “I love you so much my sweetheart”. But this is only possible when you know her deeply and of course she also loves you too much. And then her answer will be “yes I know my handsome”. 

The other situation could be that you are afraid of your heart. Would she accept my love or not? That means you are not so frank with your girlfriend. So in this situation you make her feel your love by some signs. 

What are signs to describe your love?

So the next question will be this in your mind. Of which I am going to answer. There are many types of signs. Like the first one is to show care for her/him. That you care extra for her even if she forgets her book on her desk if she/he is studying with you. Then you will try to search her and will try to give her/his book. Or if she is your colleague then you will try to help her in her work so that she could feel that you really care for her and she/he might know that you really love her and like her. 

Specially females are very clever. She knows who cares for her and who doesn’t. When someone knows to whom you love that, You care a lot for her/him. Then I guarantee you she/he will understand and you will be able to describe her feelings with your voice and she must accept you.

Love is a very beautiful thing if someone loves someone then he/she must get response from others and of course positive not negative. 

So here are some romantic Whatsapp status video free download for those who deserve your love.

I tried hard to get this for you so I hope that you will enjoy these video status which you can use in your Whatsapp status to show someone and to tell them how much you love them.

World is full of love, sometimes bad people meet with you and teach you some lessons of life but don’t be disheartened from those people who hurt you. Because they teach you so much and make you mature more. 

So keep enjoying your beautiful life and don’t forget others to make them smile and don’t break the heart of anyone because in heart God is present so if you hurt someone that means you hurt God. So if you hurt God then that means you lost all the world. And sometimes by this mistake you lose someone who loves you a lot and even she/he is your world.

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