suno chanda episode 3

Suno Chanda Episode 2 by Hum TV

Suno Chanda Episode 2 by Hum TV

In this episode Ajiya says this merray can’t happen in every condition. Arsal looks at the face of Ajiya for a moment. Then says what did you say? Ajiya says what you listened to. Exactly this is what I need. You steal my words. This is the first time we both agreed on one thing. Please let me enjoy. Ajiya says so to enjoy this moment is it necessary to make the face look like a mountain goat. Arsal said, “Did you ever see your face when you flow your nose when you get angry” if anyone sees that time your face got seizures. Ajiya says, “Arsal, have you ever noticed your behaviour?”. How bad your behaviour is. You look exactly like Pao Bola. Arsal says, “This is your bad thing that you involve animals in your every talk”.

Ajiya says that those animals should hurt or get angry to whom I compare with you. Arsal says Ok if I feel such bad to you then why you don’t tell everyone that you didn’ want to marry with me. Then Ajiya says did you not get ashamed you use a woman’s shoulder to fire a gun? If you really have confidence then speak yourself. Arsal says such kind of poison talk only looks good in your face. Ajiya smiles and says so why didn’t you die when you listened to my poison talk? And then arsal says you will be a widow if I go to die. Ajiya says I accept that. Arsal said ok if you  want this then I am going to talk to father about our divorse. Ajiya says ok listen you need to finish this completely.

And on the other side Arsal’s parents were talking to each other about Arsal and Arsal came to the room to talk to their parents. Then Arsal couldn’t talk to their parents about Ajiya’s matter and he tells me I just came here to ask about your blood pressure medicine.Then Arsal comes back and Ajiya says what happened? Did you talk to your parents? Then Arsal says if you have such confidence you can talk to the mom and dad. Why don’t you want to talk? Ajiya says I will talk to mother and father. I am not afraid like you.

And now when Ajiya came to their parents to talk about Arsal relation then their parents were talking about her. And her mother said that your daughter’s behaviour is not good with Arsal; she didn’t respect her husband. And Ajiya was listening to all this conversation standing near the room before entering. And she comes back and goes to Arsal and then Arsal asks, “Did you talk to your parents?” I know that you will not be able to talk to your parents like me.

And now the aunty and uncle of Arsal were talking about their relations and uncle said that something was happening between Arsal and Ajiya. And they were also talking about their own children and daughter. And then they fight together and then Arsal aunty goes to the other room.

Then Arsal goes to talk to her mother and also Ajiya goes to talk to her mother. After talking to each other, they go to their bedrooms. And now Bi Jaan and aunty were talking to each other and were talking about whom we should invite from aunty side or not. And then they were talking about some matters of their family and so on. And then Bi Jaan hyper for some time but aunty makes her relax.

And then on the other side Ajiya and Arsal were talking to their friends about their breakup and not marrying each other. And we’re asking for a solution to get rid of each other. And Ajiya fights very much with her friend about this matter then she cuts the call and thinks and is afraid of getting married with Arsal.

And now on the other side another uncle (Taya) of Ajiya and Arsal and his son were talking about the fixing date of marriage. Father and son were talking about the past and the son was telling his father that are you going to their wedding ceremony or not? Then father said that they hate me and will not ask me to come to their merry. Then his son said ok then watch these boring movies and sit all time here thinking about the past. Then father said that are these boring movies? This is Nargis and Raj Kapoor not boring movies. And his son says leave it and goes away.

And after this in the Ajiya home all the family was listing the invitations of all relatives that should be called or not on the marriage ceremony. And then the mother of Arsal said that please bring a new trolley for tea. I tried to bring tea all the time. Then the uncle of Ajiya said that 25 cards are kept on the side for our family. Then the Bi Jaan said are you crazy? 25 cards? Then uncle said what happened when you were talking about your family then you didn’t tell me crazy now when I am talking about my family then you are saying I am crazy? Then aunty asked why you are angry? In the evening the cards were printed then you can get the cards. Don’t worry about it. And then the uncle says about tea and asks for 2 teaspoons of sugar and then the mother of arsal forgets to put sugar in the tea. Then she puts 2 teaspoons of sugar and gives it to uncle. And uncle says thanks to Arsal’s mother and takes tea.

Now Arsal’s mother and father were talking about their relatives that they were not in the marriage list and his mother was crying not to add to the invitation list and requested Arsal father to ask Bi Jaan to add their close relatives. And if her relatives were not called to the ceremony then I will not go to the marriage of my son. And she cries on bed. And now further drama you can watch. I have embedded a video of suno chanda episode 2. You can play that and watch full episode of suno chanda drama by Hum TV.